Green Carpet cleaningPrime Carpet Cleaners provides Green carpet cleaning,
with many years of experience we’ve used natural cleaners to effectively clean the most soiled carpet, including pet damage.
Our powerful equipment, effective cleaners and attention to detail has made us New York and Brooklyn favorite carpet cleaning company.

Why green carpet cleaning?

Sometimes commercial cleaning products are mixed with water in river basins blocking the oxygen that marine animals need to survive.
Water and detergent mixtures create a toxic substance harmful for marine life,
preventing algae forming that causes an insufficient supply of food for marine animals.

In residential cases when commercial cleaning products are accidentally
mixed with drinking water into pipes they can cause severe health problems.
The problems include poisoning and stomach depletion from a chemical reaction to the body.

Although green cleaning products are more expensive, their effect lasts longer.
Consequently a green carpet cleaning will reduces the frequency of carpet cleanings,
this is because the goal of synthetic cleaning products is only to transform bad odors into positives.
Thus a green carpet cleaning will give you long-term security cleaning convenience.

Advantages of Green Carpet Cleaning

  • We use only natural cleaning products that protect the environment and the species that live there.
  • Our green carpet cleaning will give you long-term security cleaning convenience.
  • Located in Brooklyn we provide green carpet cleaning in NYC and surrounding NYC boroughs
  • Great availability hours 8am-8pm (365 days a year +24/7 for emergencies).
  • We are a licensed and professional green carpet cleaning company.
  • We provide free pick up and delivery.
  • 100% carpet cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee.