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Prime Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning services in Brooklyn

Want to get to know us better? Do you have some questions about our services?
Well, we are here to answer any questions you may have, so if you cant find it below,
feel free to contact us and we will assist you further.

What is the best carpet to buy and maintain?
The best type of fibers to opt for are wool and other natural fibers.
Those will be durable and look better the longest. However, there are synthetic fibers that can be durable as well, we suggest you to do your research.

What do I need to do to maintain my carpet?
 Regular vacuuming at least once a week. But a regular and professional carpet cleaning is essential.

How to remove carpet stains?
Most stubborn stains can be taken care of using a damp cloth to blotting it out.
Try using a paper towel to draw out the moisture. Then use a white clean cloth and keep rinsing out it.

Some stains cannot be removed using normal household cleansers.
Do not try to remove stubborn stains by rubbing it hard as this will cause more severe stains to the carpet.

Can you correct bleached or faded spots on the carpet?
At Prime Carpet Cleaners we are able to spot dye the carpet or repair it
with a section of the same carpet, if available, please give us a call and we can see what to do.

I want to get wall to wall carpets installed, should I worry about the maintenance?
 As long as you make sure to provide your carpets a professional carpet cleaning at least one a year, this will be a great investment!

How to clean carpet stains?
Numerous headstrong stains can be evacuated by wetting out the zone and dabbing up the stain. Consider not to give the stain a chance to run onto a bigger region.
Continuously smudge the wetted range with a spongy paper towel or clean white fabric.
Try not to rub or brush as this can bring about irreversible shading running and cause harm and in addition set the stain. Some stains can’t be evacuated utilizing ordinary household chemicals and would need a professional service.

How can I be sure that a cleaning company will not damage my house/ apartment?
Firstly, and in particular, ensure that the organization you pick has the expert ability to handle your necessities. Try not to endow your furniture to transient associations, which offer unprofessional cleaners and come with no recommendations or testimonials. Approach the organization for recommendations and find reviews about them. Upholstery cleaning requires utilizing the right hardware and skilled, professional cleaners.

How long do the carpet take to be dry after cleaning?
We would ask that you wait around six hours for optimal drying, but there is a new process which you can ask for that will dry your carpets in two hours time.

Who will move my furniture out?
We are happy to help you move items like couches and other items that are not too heavy,
however we ask that you arrange with someone to help you move the larger items like display cases and entertainment units out.

What would happen if we have hardwood floors under our carpeting?
Our methods are used without actually wetting your carpet underneath, so rest assured that your flooring underneath will stay dry.

Do carpets get dirty quicker after its been cleaned?
Some companies use products that leave a residue and would actually attract dirt, but Prime Carpet Cleaners uses the latest technology products that are developed with that in mind.

Can you remove odors left by pets?
Yes, we have the skills and equipment to not just cover the odor but remove it at the source.

Can you clean my berber carpet?
Berber is a tough fabric to clean as it is created with loops of wool or nylon, give us a call and we will assist you in this further.

Can you get ALL the stains out of my carpet?:
There has been very few stains that Prime Carper Cleaners could not remove,
we have a huge success rate of removing all stains form your carpet and upholstery.

Can you clean wool properly without harming it?
Yes, rest assured that Prime Carpet Cleaners have the expertise and methods using low temperature and pressure to clean wool properly, as well as drying.

Can you clean materials like silk, micro fibre and chintz?
Prime Carpet Cleaners are highly skilled cleaners and have worked with materials like that before.

What is the best cleaning method to use?
Prime Carpet Cleaners uses various ways to clean and our most used technique is using steam and green products as it is 100% effective in disinfecting an area and uses no harmful chemicals.